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My research interest include: diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases, especially asthma and COPD, specific immunotherapy of allergic diseases, biologics and primary immunodeficiencies. In the area of my interests are also viral infections. In addition, interest in pharmacoeconomics include the cost of diseases and the relations between clinical and economic effectiveness. I am author of about 400 publications. I lead 30 clinical trials (II&III phases) in the areas of respiratory and allergic diseases.

My experience in editing include:

- Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Health Policy&Outcomes Research

- Editor -in- Chief of Alergologia I Immunologia Wspólczesna

According to the Web of Science core collection report of December 10, 2020 my h index is 7 and the sum of times cited is 292. Please find below the list of selected publications from 2013-2020.


1. Karina Jahnz-Rózyk Ewa Wiesik-Szewczyk Jacek Rolinski Maciej Siedlar et al.: Secondary immunodeficiencies with predominant antibody deficiency: multidisciplinary perspectives of Polish expert, Cent Eur J Immunol 2019; 45 (3): 334-341, DOI: https://doi.org/10.5114/ceji.2020.101265

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