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Karina Jahnz-Różyk
Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland
contributed: 2019-02-13
final review: 2019-02-17
published: 2019-02-17


Dear Readers,

In this issue we present you an extensive article on the treatment of nocturia, which is a still underestimated, but a serious public health issue, that decreases quality of life of affected patients.

European Union (EU) is a specific area with no internal borders, which makes public health emergencies into quite unique challenges. S. Antolic from Croatia published an interesting analysis on how the EU Member States are prepared for a collaboration in case of emergencies such as bioterrorism or a pandemic disease.

Poland is one of few countries where pegvisomant is not provided for patients with acromegaly. E. Borowiack et al. investigate cost-effectiveness and clinical value in case of this drug being reimbursed for those patients.

We also recommend  reading other articles about Real World Evidence and Orphan Drug policies in Central and Eastern Europe countries, as well as the extensive overview on guidelines regarding Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Health Care decision making by A. Zawodnik and M. Niewada.

Karina Jahnz-Różyk, Editor-in-Chief

Joanna Lis, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Monika Szkultecka-Dębek, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

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