Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society activities review 2/2013


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Monika Szkultecka-Dębek
contributed: 2014-01-14
final review: 2013-12-31
published: 2013-12-31

Information about current activites at the Polish Pharmacoeconomical Society.

Keywords: Polish Pharmacoeconomical Society Activities

There has been a change to the composition of the Management Board. After the resignation of the Secretary (Anna Zawada) the function was given to one of the Board member, Marcin Czech.

The Sections continue working on their projects.

The Therapeutic Programs, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Law section (TPPCPL) continues working on costs assessment of the adverse events which could potentially be observed during treatment with products used in the Drug Programs.

The Health Related Quality of Life Section continues the work on the dictionary of QoL terminology. An abstract with the methodology described was accepted by ISPOR to be presented as a poster during the European Conference in Dublin.

It is important to mention the success of the Society which organized a Polish –Russian Pharmacoeconomical Forum in Moscow. It was a two-day Forum involving Polish and Russian experts from the pharmacoeconomical area and with participation of Polish and Russian clinical experts and also health authorities’ representatives.

The first day was dedicated to pharmacoeconomics and reimbursement issues while the second day was devoted to drugs registration and market access.

During the Forum, Professor Karina Jahnz-Różyk (Former Polish ISPOR Chapter President) and prof. Pavel Vorobiev (President of Russian ISPOR Chapter) presented and discussed the cooperation between both countries in the area of pharmacoeconomics.

Professor Vorobiev discussed the role of pharmacoeconomics in Russia while the Polish experience from last 10 years was shared by dr Joanna Lis, current Polish ISPOR Chapter President.

Polish Ministry of Health representative, Director Artur Fałek, presented the Polish Drug Policy illustrating the way to obtain reimbursement of a new product in Poland. Russian Authorities were represented by Oleg Kulikov from Russian Health Commission who focused his lecture on the legal basis for health insurance in Russia.

The purely pharmacoeconomic topics such as indirect costs (Prof. Marcin Czech) and QALY challenges (L. Bezmelnitsina from Russian Pharmacoeconomical Society and dr Maciej Niewada as President Elect from ISPOR Chapter Poland) were discussed. Dr Paluchowska presented the direct costs of drugs’ induced skin adverse reactions treatment.

There were also some sessions dedicated to specific disease areas. Pharmacoeconomical analysis related to diabetes (Dir. A. Bykov), orphan drugs in mucoviscidosis treatment in Russia (L. Krasnova), biological treatment of psoriasis in Poland (prof. W. Owczarek) and chronic cardiac insufficiency treatment in Russia (F.Ageev) were presented.

Svetlana Zavidova, representing the Russian Association for Clinical Trials Organization, gave a lecture about clinical trials and drugs registration in Russia and Dr Leszek Borkowski, a former President of the Polish Drug Registration Agency, talked about drugs registration process in the European Union.  

Pricing principles in Russia were presented by E.Telnova and HTA process in Russia by T. Nizhegorodce while the comparison between HTA in Russia and other European countries was done by M. Hołownia.

            Currently the ISPOR Chapter Poland is working on preparation of the next International Conference of Polish ISPOR Chapter which will be held in Warsaw, 5-6 December 2013 and preparing for the Polish/Russian/Ukrainian Forum in Dublin. The Forum will take place during the 16th Annual European ISPOR Congress. It will be moderated by Dr Joanna Lis (ISPOR Poland Chapter President) and participants will discuss changes in drug policy decisions in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine with particular focus on the use of pharmacoeconomic principles in local drug policy decisions. Invited speakers are Prof. Karina Jahnz-Rozyk (Head of Department of Immunology & Clinical Allergology, Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland), Prof. Pavel Vorobiev (President, ISPOR Russia Chapter) and Prof. Olha Zaliska (ISPOR Ukraine Chapter President). The speakers will describe how the pharmacoeconomic principles have been applied for effective formulary management, individual patient treatment, drug policy determination, and resource allocation.





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