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Karina Jahnz-Różyk
contributed: 2014-08-14
final review: 2014-08-14
published: 2014-08-14

From the editors

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 Dear Colleagues,


In the fifth issue of JHPOR, current problems of treatment with monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins are showed. First JHPOR conference, held on 15th March 2014 in Warsaw, was devoted to this topic. You can find  an audio-video report of this conference on our  website.

Recently many biological drugs have lost or will lose patent protection soon- hence biosimilars will be introduced to the market.

In Poland, a group of experts from various fields of medicine has developed a position paper, which could be  helpful in making therapeutic decisions for doctors who use biological drugs in everyday practice.

This  position paper has been published in “Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski” (Pol. Merk. Lek., 2014, XXXVII, 217) and you can  find a  translation of this article in the current JHPOR issue.

Experts are in agreement in their opinion that the complex and dynamic problem of using innovative and biosimilar biological drugs places a duty on all health care professionals to systematically monitor this process.

We also recommend the articles concerning the reimbursement system and actions of NHF  in Poland and many other.

We  wish you an interesting read of the fifth JHPOR issue!

Prof. Karina Jahnz-Różyk

Editor-in – Chief

Dr Joanna Lis

Deputy Editor-in- Chief




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